Z-Square Technology (ZST) offers comprehensive and modern solutions to meet and exceed the ever-increasing, demanding requirements of today’s motor vehicle departments. Z-Square Technology has developed the industry’s most robust. comprehensive Knowledge Testing System (KTS/ATD) and Commercial
Off-the-Shelf (COTS), InteRoads, to meet the current and future needs of modern DMVs.

The real power and simplicity of InteRoads, comes from our administrative and Examiner features. Test design, scoring, question weighting, randomization, customer statistics, deployment, test station monitoring, multi-language support, paper test generation & auto-grading, state-wide system monitoring, online scheduling and system wide internal & public messaging are just some of the features available with the InteRoads System. ZST’s InteRoads meets all AAMVA requirements for robust Knowledge Testing. In addition, to meet the new challenges of the post COVID-19 world, ZST has introduced a cloud based off-campus and at-home testing features that allows DMVs to easily and securely conduct knowledge testing without having customers at their test locations. This allows more powerful and confident testing every time.