Industry Leading Partnerships

ZST is a proud partner of Smarter Services and Proctor U, two leading names for automated and human-proctored testing.

Smarter Services

Smarter Services is a full-spectrum assessment services company that solves unmet market challenges facing learners, instructors, institutions, and organizations by developing unique educational technology solutions to improve a learner’s success. They provide solutions that cover the full spectrum of learning needs. With over 150 years of combined experience in higher education, their team understands the needs of schools regarding student readiness and testing integrity.

Proctor U

Proctor U is the industry leader for human-proctored online testing. Proctor U has been providing secure, auditable and scalable at-home proctored testing services for past many years and currently conducts hundreds and thousands of tests every month. In partnership with Proctor U and Smarter Services, ZST will be providing at-home testing to Oregon DMV customers.