InteRoads – Knowledge Testing Solution

InteRoads is a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product that offers with services to configure, train and deploy in a variety of configurations. Currently operating in Washington D.C., InteRoads offers a very intuitive, user-friendly interface for customers providing step-by-step test taking instructions before the first question is asked. Customers have the ability to interact with pictures, video and audio during the test, should these features be deployed by the administrator. Each question can be skipped (again under administrative control) and progress of the test is available to the customers. The “look & feel” of the deployed tests, randomized questions, test questions, test types, collected & presented customer information, statistical test reports, state-wide system health monitoring, plus many more features, are all under the control of the DMV administrators.

mportant Features:

  • Test scheduling
  • Permission-based, multi user access
  • Multi-locations management
  • Multi-test systems management
  • Audio & video testing
  • Multi-language testing
  • Multiple testing templates management
  • Test audit capabilities
  • Multiple choice and essay response
  • CDL, NCDL, Hazard-Perception testing and more
  • Test categories, occurrence and time-clock management
  • Playback, pause and other in-test features
  • Test review and many other features

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Road I/O – Road Testing Solution

Road I/O – Road Testing Solution is a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution developed with the help of DMV professionals and is currently operating in Washington D.C.

Our user-friendly software provides both tablet and desktop based service capability.

Important features:

  • Active directory login
  • Third party dashboard
  • Single view dashboard to monitor daily tests
  • Automated and manual testing modes
  • Customer check-in
  • Legacy and payment system integration
  • Panasonic Toughbook testing interface and integration
  • Complete test report with print option
  • Option for admin to create appointments
  • Appointment search and rescheduling ability
  • Calendar view with drill down capability
  • Calendar maintenance with auto rescheduling capability
  • Scheduling slots creation features
  • Complete setup controls
  • Ability to create and delete calendar batches
  • Testing location management
  • Holidays and emergency days management
  • Examiners management
  • Driving Schools management
  • Toughbook management
  • Test agreements management
  • Email templates management
  • SMS templates management
  • PDF templates management
  • Complete log and audit capabilities
  • API call logs
  • Admin generated supplemental appointments
  • User role management
  • Permission based access for driving schools