Solutions for Next Generation of Identity Security

Cambridge, MA, August 18, 2012- The National Security Innovation Council, a nonprofit
organization, in collaboration with leading security technology company,
Z-Square Technology, hosted the first annual National Security Innovation
Conference. The topic of the conference “ID Innovate” was aimed to cross-pollinate
the best ideas in policy and technology for improved ID security solutions. The
speaker sessions brought together industry leading experts from academia,
government and technology sectors for a day of thoughtful speeches, discussions
and networking. In a collaborative and constructive setting, the focus was upon
examining the issues around the security of identification technology and innovative
strategies that can help make us a safer society.


Speakers of the event included Sean Bielat, Candidate for U.S. Congress; Leland
Cheung, Cambridge City Councilor; Nasser Weddady, Civil Rights Outreach Director
of the American Islamic Congress; and Matt McLauchlin, President of SIROAL and
former Special Projects Lead for the U.S. Ambassador and U.S. Commanding General
in Afghanistan. Topics of discussion ranged from ID counterfeiting and fraud to
the future of ID security, connecting the areas of national security and innovative


The keynote speaker of the event was Janice Kephart, a contributing author of
the 9/11 Commission and an authority on immigration issues. She stressed the
importance of secure identification by focusing on the national security problem
caused by the counterfeited driver’s licenses and identity cards in the United States.
Geva Barash, former Israeli Special Forces veteran, emphasized national security
issues from an operational level and best practices in corporate security solutions.
President and CEO of Z-Square Technology, Syed Gilani, welcomed the guests
and provided an insight into their industry leading secure credentialing system,
America’s ID.™


The National Security Innovation Council was established in July of 2012 as an
ongoing project to uncover impending security identification issues through
engagement between policy and technology thought leaders. Based in Cambridge,
MA and supported by Z-Square Technology, the NSI Conference aims to foster a
forum of participants willing and able to strategize against tomorrow’s threats to
personal and national security affairs.